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Canon PowerShot D20

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Paras Hinta: € 319,00

  • Käyttäjien pisteet (391)
    8.4 aiheesta 8.4 391 arviointia
  • Asiantuntija pisteet (24)
    7.2 aiheesta 7.2 24 arviointia
  • Muotoilu (8)
    9.3 aiheesta 9.3 8 arviointia
  • Hinta-laatusuhde (56)
    8.7 aiheesta 8.7 56 arviointia
  • Ominaisuudet (35)
    9.2 aiheesta 9.2 35 arviointia
  • Helppokäyttöisyys (24)
    8.8 aiheesta 8.8 24 arviointia
  • Suorituskyky (20)
    8.6 aiheesta 8.6 20 arviointia
  • Kuvanlaatu (22)
    8.9 aiheesta 8.9 22 arviointia
  • Reliability (4)
    8.4 aiheesta 8.4 4 arviointia
  • Overall quality (24)
    7.9 aiheesta 7.9 24 arviointia
  • Video quality (3)
    9.1 aiheesta 9.1 3 arviointia
  • Speed performance (5)
    9.3 aiheesta 9.3 5 arviointia
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  1. digitalfotoforalla.se

    5 Lokakuu 2012

    Canon har med D20 skippat sin vanliga konservativa stil och skapat en fräsch design utan att det har gått ut över ergonomin. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  2. Bild och Ljud

    10 Elokuu 2012

    För tre år sedan blev D10 bästa köp i vårt test och nu är uppföljaren D20 äntligen här. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  3. itproportal.com

    7 Helmikuu 2013

    The Canon PowerShot D20 isn’t exactly disappointing; it’s a competent adventure camera, able to withstand water, shock and cold as well as the next, and take a decent picture under most circumstances, but that’s kind of the point. The D10 was the best in its class when it was introduced in 2009 and had an interesting and unusual design; the new D20 is merely average, with little to distinguish from any one of a dozen rivals. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • GPS that actually works, Build quality, Start-up time
    • Fiddly controls
  4. PhotographyBLOG

    26 Elokuu 2012

    The Canon Powershot D20 is by no means a carbon copy. It updates the D10 model that was released way back in good ol' 2009. There are a few notable improvements, but mainly we weren't happy with the noise performance of the D10. The D20 now has HS sensor technology which improves on noise and increases low light performance. Therefore the D20 should show considerable improvement in that department. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  5. Pocket Lint

    27 Heinäkuu 2012

    We’ve tested a whole bunch of tough, rugged and waterproof digital compact cameras. They may well be shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof too, but, truth be told, no company has got the full package quite right after many years' worth of attempts. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Waterproof, tough, rugged, GPS, lens-based stabilisation, 3-inch 416k-dot LCD
    • Awkward design, bunched up zoom buttons placement, easy to get in finger in front of lens, slow autofocus, lack of user-defined controls (AF point placement, manual shooting), so-so image quality
  • Käyttäjien Arvostelut

  1. Kiva vedenalaiskamera

    Arvostelija: PiaKoralli, Verkkokauppa
    9 Maaliskuu 2014

    varsinkin videon laatu, hd, on hyva. Kamera on kivan pieni. Miinusta on etta koska se on pokkari, saatomahdollisuuksia on vahan, varsinkin vedenalaismoodilla. Lue Lisää

  2. Canon Powershot D20

    Arvostelija: Simon, WEX
    11 Kesäkuu 2013

    2 weeks sailing, great pictures, construction meant I didn't need to worry about occasion knocks and bumps. Excellent results, loved the easy controls. Screen good even in bright conditions. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Bright LCD, Comfortable Controls, Easy Setup, Easy to Keep Clean, Easy To Use, Great Picture Quality, Strong Construction
  3. Well built with excellent image quality and very easy to use.

    Arvostelija: The Hustler, Amazon
    12 Maaliskuu 2014

    I am a frequent Amazon customer but did not buy this camera through them. I would however still like to share my comments with prospective purchasers. I have been buying Canon products ever since the beginning of digital photography and wanted a rugged, waterproof camera to take with me on a snorkelling trip to the Maldives. I am a keen photographer and have had my share of decent SLRS over the years so have high standards. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. Cnet.co.uk

    Arvostelija: tgw123, Cnet.co.uk
    11 Maaliskuu 2013

    Looks like it has melted. Horrible shape. Just read the review of the new Panasonic F5 rugged camera and whilst a bit more expensive looks nicer and is better specified. I'd get that one if I were after a rugged camera. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  5. Best P &S waterproof camera

    Arvostelija: Western Nimrod, B&H Photo
    17 Joulukuu 2013

    I've had this camera for more than a year and recommended another to a friend. When I don't want to lug my big DSLR around, this fits the bill perfect. The underwater quality is great, the images can be perfected with post processing but otherwise are very good images. Lots of options to use like panoramic or HD video. The video is super clear! You can even add an external flash for more light. Great features! Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Easy to Use, Fast Shutter Speed, Good Battery Life, Great Resolution, Large Clear LCD, Small / Compact
    • No complaints
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