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Canon PowerShot S90

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  • Käyttäjien pisteet (378)
    9.1 aiheesta 9.1 378 arviointia
  • Asiantuntija pisteet (41)
    8.0 aiheesta 8.0 41 arviointia
  • Muotoilu (3)
    6.0 aiheesta 6.0 3 arviointia
  • Hinta-laatusuhde (24)
    6.1 aiheesta 6.1 24 arviointia
  • Ominaisuudet (13)
    7.1 aiheesta 7.1 13 arviointia
  • Helppokäyttöisyys (14)
    5.9 aiheesta 5.9 14 arviointia
  • Suorituskyky (27)
    7.3 aiheesta 7.3 27 arviointia
  • Kuvanlaatu (42)
    7.2 aiheesta 7.2 42 arviointia
  • Kestävyys (3)
    6.3 aiheesta 6.3 3 arviointia
  • Overall quality (6)
    6.8 aiheesta 6.8 6 arviointia
  • Looks (3)
    7.8 aiheesta 7.8 3 arviointia
  • Battery performance (4)
    5.6 aiheesta 5.6 4 arviointia
  • Display (24)
    7.5 aiheesta 7.5 24 arviointia
  • Photo quality (2)
    7.0 aiheesta 7.0 2 arviointia
  • Video quality (3)
    6.3 aiheesta 6.3 3 arviointia
  • Functionality (2)
    6.4 aiheesta 6.4 2 arviointia
  • Ergonomics (25)
    5.9 aiheesta 5.9 25 arviointia
  • Build quality (3)
    6.5 aiheesta 6.5 3 arviointia
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  1. Kamera & Bild

    28 Elokuu 2010

    Världens största tillverkare av kompaktkameror har saknat en smidig kvalitetskompakt. Canon Powershot S90 är ett mindre alternativ till Ricoh GR Digital III. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  2. Cameras

    8 Elokuu 2014

    The Canon Powershot S90 is a small digital camera packed with features. These include manual exposure modes, the ability to shoot in RAW mode and a lens with a maximum aperture of f/2. More standard features include 10 megapixels and a 3.8x wide angle lens. When it comes to picture quality the Powershot S90 is hard to beat unless you are looking to step up to a Digital SLR. This camera showed no obvious weaknesses in any of my photo tests. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Picture quality - LCD screen - Handling - Features
    • Shutter delay with flash
  3. wired.co.uk

    3 viikkoa sitten

    Usually I'd spend a lot of time running through features and talking about performance before giving you the bottom line on Canon's new pocketable camera. But I just can't be coy about this one. The S90 is the best compact camera I've ever used. Oh, you'd like to hear more? Certainly. Canon set out to pack the tiny S90 with the same features pros and advanced amateur shooters look for. And they've succeeded in nearly every aspect. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. Amateur Photographer

    3 Huhtikuu 2014

    Small, stylish and with full manual exposure control, the Canon PowerShot S90 is a great compact camera for those looking for a few more advanced features than the standard compact. Unlike its bigger brother, the PowerShot G11, the S90 is small enough to take anywhere. Although I prefer the way the G11 handles, I hope Canon finds a way to put the control ring feature of the S90 into the next G-series camera. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  5. PhotographyBLOG

    24 Huhtikuu 2010

    Canon's new PowerShot S90 is designed to reinvigorate and re-launch its S-series of compacts. And, with its function attributable lens control ring at the front, solid-feel Ricoh GR III-style build quality, £450 UK asking price, hidden integral flash yet diminutive pocket-sized dimensions, it does command attention from the off. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  • Käyttäjien Arvostelut

  1. Fotosidan.se

    Arvostelija: thomas_h, Fotosidan.se
    15 Syyskuu 2011

    Batterilivslängd: 5 Bildkvalitet: 4 Hållbarhet: 4 Har nu haft s90 i över ett år. Jag gillar ljusstyrkan för middagsfoto även om ett snäpp ljusstarkare inte skulle ha skadat. Som bäst tycker jag den funkar för landskapsfoto med höga bländartal där det blir väldigt fina färger. Måste dock ofta dra upp svärtan rejält i Lightroom för bilderna känns dimmiga (använder bara JPEG) när de kommer ur kameran. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • ljusstyrka, kompakt, bra display, snurrhjulet vid linsen
    • snurrhjulet på baksidan, brus på höga iso, filmningskvaliten
  2. The ultimate DSLR substitute.

    Arvostelija: quagmire2..., Ciao
    5 Lokakuu 2010

    "...magazine, my eyes stumbled across Canon Powershot S90. What really caught my attention was the f2.0 aperture opening, full manual control of aperture, shutter speed, and the incredibly small size that fits right into your pocket. I tested the camera in multiple kinds of weather, in concerts, and at night. In low light situation the S90 impresses with a aperture at the amazing size of f2.0. With a decent tripod, self-timer, and a beautiful motive/surrounding ... Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • f2 aperture size, robust design, handles, full manual control, amazing photos .
    • A bit low life battery, expensive, no HD camera .
  3. Great Handy Camera

    Arvostelija: Denis, Amazon
    16 Lokakuu 2011

    This is by far, the best camera I ever owned. The remarkable thing about this camera is that you never use its flashlight. There is no need to it. A disadvantage is the small battery, but I am getting a second one now. Great camera for the enthusiastic beginners. My next one will be a DSLR with no doubt. Canon is number one. I would like a firmware update, but instead Canon made Powershot s95, pitty. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. Cnet.co.uk

    Arvostelija: kashbg, Cnet.co.uk
    20 Joulukuu 2009

    I own Nikon D300 and I dare to say I am extremely fussy when it comes to picture quality. For example I would not rate the Panasonic TZ5, 6, or 7 at all. I use to own Canon Powershot S70 and picture was acceptable for a compact point and shoot camera. I decided to buy the S90 as a companion to my Nikon D300 and did I get surprised. This camera is maybe the pinacle of all compact digital cameras. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • picture quality superb, handling the best of all compacts, could rival many DSLRs
    • woried if the pop up flash would last if dust gets in. Holding the camera may surprise you when the pop up flash push your finger away.
  5. little wonder

    Arvostelija: melinaz35, Ebay
    9 Lokakuu 2012

    This is a great little camera. I just returned from a cruise to New England and Canada and I carried this camera in my pocket most of the time. It works great in Auto, but you are able to get better results, often, by making your own settings. Inside a couple of Basilicas I was able to get great pictures with out a flash. Great little camera. With my DSLR around my neck and this one in my pocket I'm ready. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

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