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The Sly Collection

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Paras Hinta: € 34,90

  • Käyttäjien pisteet (120)
    9.6 aiheesta 9.6 120 arviointia
  • Asiantuntija pisteet (33)
    8.3 aiheesta 8.3 33 arviointia
  • Hinta-laatusuhde (16)
    10 aiheesta 10 16 arviointia
  • Pelattavuus (19)
    9.5 aiheesta 9.5 19 arviointia
  • Grafiikat (19)
    9.0 aiheesta 9.0 19 arviointia
  • Ääni (19)
    8.6 aiheesta 8.6 19 arviointia
  • Lastability (14)
    9.9 aiheesta 9.9 14 arviointia
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  1. FZ

    27 Marraskuu 2010

    Två är som bekant bättre än en. Då torde tre vara alldeles fantastiskt. FZ sätter betyg på Sucker Punch zoologiska plattformstrio. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Tre spel i ett, Himmelsk cel-shading, Charmig historia, Lyckad genreblandning
    • Väl enkelt ibland, Lite förutsägbart
  2. Level 7

    5 Joulukuu 2010

    Ettan är något föråldrad, men tvåan och trean håller bra än och visar vad Sucker Punch var kapabla till redan för sex år sedan. De kan plattformsspel och tvättbjörnstjuven Sly är både charmig och välkontrollerad. Så länge ni står ut med att spelet inte är lika snyggt som dagens bästa plattformsspel så är det här en prisvärd samling. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Grafiken håller oväntat väl än idag, Mycket bra kontroll, Tvåan och trean är riktigt bra, Svensk text och svenska röster
    • Ettan känns lite föråldrad, Lite barnslig stämning mellan de tre huvudpersonerna, Kameraproblem, Kan inte trycka förbi mellansekvenser, Move-stödet är bara en gimmick
  3. Console Monster

    9 Maaliskuu 2011

    Forget about devious, thieving racoons. Sony’s decision to do away with PS2 compatibility on PS3 was arguably the most cunning and, dare I say it, sly moves of this generation - forcing gamers to purchase HD versions of their favourite PS2 titles. Still, given the inherent quality of the God of War Collection, there’s no denying that Sony knows how to knock together a stellar last-gen compilation disc. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Gorgeous cel-shaded visuals, Hilarious Script, Successfully merges stealth and platforming
    • Frustrating combat in original game, Very difficult for younger players, Original game can be repetitive at times
  4. Family Friendly Gaming

    2 Helmikuu 2013

    Sony is doing a fantastic thing by releasing The Sly Collection. This Playstation 3 (PS3) game includes Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves. These three Playstation 2 (PS2) games have been remastered in high definition. They are 3D compatible, and also compatible with the Playstation Move. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  5. GamesRadar

    16 Marraskuu 2010

    Side note: We’re not sure why Sly was targeted for an HD remake over the Jak and Ratchet trilogies, but we’re happy to have him back. We just hope enough people check it out despite Sony’s lack of promotion – if this tanks, further HD remakes may be locked up for good. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Unbeatable value - 3 games for $40!, Heists are great fun, Compelling characters and world
    • Platformer overdose, Couple of low-res movies, Unneeded Move minigames
  • Käyttäjien Arvostelut

  1. Loading

    Arvostelija: Ricdeau, Loading
    6 Tammikuu 2011

    Den bästa dealen sedan "The Orange Box". Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Prisvärt, underhållande och mysigt.
    • Ljudtekniska buggar drar ner helhetsintrycket.
  2. A Classic Remade brilliantly!!

    Arvostelija: BrettWisdom, Play.com
    21 Helmikuu 2011

    I remember playing Sly 1 on the PS2 and loving it, and when I heard they were doing all 3 remade in HD I couldn't wait! ...Has is paid off? "HELL YEAH!" All 3 games are looking great and the games are just as fun, with a set of trophies for all 3 games there's extra reasons to play. Only thing I haven't tried out in the Move mini games, hoping to get the Move for X-mas. There is quite a few to try out. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  3. The Sly Collection (Move Compatible)

    21 Helmikuu 2011

    only played sly 1: very good game and in HD too. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. Love the Sly.

    Arvostelija: Abe J., Newegg
    1 Heinäkuu 2013

    I bought this after losing my ps2 copy of the sly collection! So happy I bought this!!! the games are a blast. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • 3 games in one. Plus they look great being remade for the ps3!
    • None.
  5. Raccoons are cool, RC cars aren't.

    Arvostelija: Armando N. Roman, Amazon
    10 Marraskuu 2013

    I missed out on the Sly Cooper series on the ps2 because that period in my life was my gaming hayday, and I just plain missed out because I was busy with so many others. It was a series I definitely had interest in though, and when the HD collection came out, I made sure to buy it. My daughter showed a lot of interest too, and we played through all 3 games together. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

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