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Panasonic HC-V520

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  • Käyttäjien pisteet (70)
    8.9 aiheesta 8.9 70 arviointia
  • Asiantuntija pisteet (3)
    7.0 aiheesta 7.0 3 arviointia
  • Muotoilu (3)
    9.7 aiheesta 9.7 3 arviointia
  • Hinta-laatusuhde (5)
    10 aiheesta 10 5 arviointia
  • Video quality (2)
    10 aiheesta 10 2 arviointia
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  1. Trusted Reviews

    30 Tammikuu 2013

    The Panasonic HC-V520 is quite an improvement over its predecessor. With better image quality, the WiFi features, and enhanced zoom as well as more image stabilisation options, there are many reasons why this is a better buy than the HC-V500. However, at around £130 less than the HC-V720, it's not such a clear value proposition in the mid-range price bracket. If you have the extra to spend, the HC-V720 is a clear winner around the £500 mark. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Good image quality, Comprehensive manual controls, WiFi features
    • No accessory shoe, No microphone minijack, No headphone minijack
  2. PC Magazine

    24 Joulukuu 2013

    The Panasonic HC-V520 packs an impressive 50x zoom lens and built-in Wi-Fi. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • 50x f/1.8-4.2 zoom lens. Impressive optical stabilization. Touch screen. 1080p60 video capture. Inexpensive. Wi-Fi.
    • Still capture only 10 megapixels. No built-in memory.
  3. Consumer Electronics Net

    5 Kesäkuu 2013

    If you are into sports video, you know that it almost a given that you need a decent zoom to get the action (and it goes without saying, a tripod as well). In still photography terms, my experiences in motor sport suggest a 200mm is the minimum and probably a 400mm the optimal. Of course you need to allow factors such as low light and depth of field to get the best of them. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. camcorders.reviewed.com

    8 Toukokuu 2013

    Panasonic put forth a valiant effort here, and it's hard to be disappointed with the HC-V520. Like we said, it's a good camcorder with a low price tag. But Canon's HF R40 is a more impressive model thanks to a few key features that the HC-V520 lacks: built-in memory, MPEG-4 recording, a superior touchscreen, and a multitude of frame rate options (including 24p). Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  5. itreviews.com

    5 Joulukuu 2013

    The Panasonic HC-V520 packs an impressive 50x zoom lens and built-in Wi-Fi. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  • Käyttäjien Arvostelut

  1. Good camera, but intended for the continent and not the UK.

    Arvostelija: winawombat, Amazon
    16 Joulukuu 2013

    Like some previous reviews on this site the Amazon box was very secure, but the camera box did not have a security seal on it. The camera itself is OK but it came with charger connections meant for continental use (ie 2 pins) although it did have a 3pin adapter included. This camera was purchased as a replacement for one that I had bought from Currys but which had been badly damaged when my husband was attacked whilst we were on holiday. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  2. awesome product! grat value for the money

    Arvostelija: noseln, Ebay
    23 Syyskuu 2013

    i just came from a trip where the enviroment change very fast and i need it a camera very small, accurate, easy to used and wi-fi i hit the lotto here, excellent video, i own about 3 camcorders different brands and this is the cream of the crop, very low light no problem! the price very good. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

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