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Panasonic HC-V520

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  • Käyttäjien pisteet (77)
    9.0 aiheesta 9.0 77 arviointia
  • Asiantuntija pisteet (3)
    7.0 aiheesta 7.0 3 arviointia
  • Muotoilu (3)
    9.5 aiheesta 9.5 3 arviointia
  • Hinta-laatusuhde (4)
    9.9 aiheesta 9.9 4 arviointia
  • Battery performance (2)
    8.8 aiheesta 8.8 2 arviointia
  • Video quality (2)
    9.9 aiheesta 9.9 2 arviointia
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  1. Trusted Reviews

    30 Tammikuu 2013

    Pansonic's latest camcorder has improved image quality, a long zoom, WiFi and NFC. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • Good image quality, Comprehensive manual controls, WiFi features
    • No accessory shoe, No microphone minijack, No headphone minijack
  2. PC Magazine

    24 Joulukuu 2013

    The Panasonic HC-V520 packs an impressive 50x zoom lens and built-in Wi-Fi. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

    • 50x f/1.8-4.2 zoom lens. Impressive optical stabilization. Touch screen. 1080p60 video capture. Inexpensive. Wi-Fi.
    • Still capture only 10 megapixels. No built-in memory.
  3. Consumer Electronics Net

    5 Kesäkuu 2013

    If you are into sports video, you know that it almost a given that you need a decent zoom to get the action (and it goes without saying, a tripod as well). In still photography terms, my experiences in motor sport suggest a 200mm is the minimum and probably a 400mm the optimal. Of course you need to allow factors such as low light and depth of field to get the best of them. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  4. Digital Producer

    5 Kesäkuu 2013

    Moving back to WA, David wrote scripts for Computer Television for video training for the just released Windows and Office 95 among others, and was then lured to Sydney to create web sites for the newly commercial Internet in 1995, building hundreds of sites under contract to OzEmail including Coates Hire, Hertz Queensland, John Williamson, the NSW Board of Studies and many, many more. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  • Käyttäjien Arvostelut

  1. Brilliant !!

    Arvostelija: Reece Weaving, Amazon
    17 Huhtikuu 2014

    I was very impressed with this camera, its very easy to use and the HD quality is very sharp. It has exceeded my expectations and I fully recommend it. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

  2. excellent quality and image stability

    Arvostelija: gaby54argentina, Ebay
    2 Marraskuu 2013

    Buy this camera because it is within the average range in price later model brings less zoom but offers more image quality, I think you should sacrifice little more image quality by zooming higher, the highest quality consumes more slower memory and the editing is done, I am very satisfied with the product purchased. Lue Lisää Translate to suomi

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